Eudora Space Kid: The Lobster Tale
Eudora Space Kid: The Lobster Tale
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Freedom for lobsters! The second in the Eudora Space Kid series: a hilariously funny, early reader sci-fi chapter book perfect for elementary-aged kids. Can Eudora and her best friend, Arnold, rescue her favorite lobsters from becoming the next meal at the spaceship’s New Year’s buffet?

Eudora is a normal third grader who just happens to live on a 36 deck AstroLiner. In SPACE! As a math and science whiz who’s been adopted by what you might call . . . aliens, she has normal ambitions—like being the chief engineer on an AstroLiner. But when her favorite lobsters on board appear on the menu at Chef Franklin’s dinner buffet, Eudora and her best friend, Arnold, hatch a plan to break them out. Will they save their crustacean friends? Or will they end up locked in the ship’s brig? Again . . .

Brilliant for engaging emergent and early chapter book readers.

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  • Humor
  • Science Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
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Eudora Jenkins is always causing trouble around Athena, the ship in Astrofleet where she lives. She doesn't want to cause trouble;  she just wants to have fun and test out her ideas. Eudora decides to change the PA system to play her favorite song during a battle-training exercise. Even though she gets in trouble, it's worth it to see how the adults acted when they heard the song! Then, Eudora finds out that her father is planning on giving some of his lobsters to the Captain to use in the New Year’s Grand Dinner Buffet!

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Eudora and Arnold are best friends, and they live on Athena, a spaceship in Astrofleet. They always cause mischief together, though Eudora usually comes up with the plans. First, they try to play Eudora's favorite song on the PA system. Eudora gets in trouble, but her mom, who's in charge of the spaceship's version of the dungeon, lets her go. After leaving the dungeon and snooping around for a while, she finds that out her own father is planning to give some of their lobsters to be eaten in the New Years Grand Buffet.
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