Dr O and the Eco-X
Dr O and the Eco-X

Plastic that manmade stuff which is indestructible. Nature’s laws of assimilation do not apply to plastic. You can’t burn it, applying heat only makes it melt into a lump. Burying it in the ground won’t help since the laws of aging don’t work here. So, we make it and it piles up into one big mess. Dr. O invents a creature whose only sustenance is the petro carbons, the main ingredient. He is wildly successful and world demand becomes impossible to meet. His new conglomerate partner is greedy and Dr. O is ill equipped to fight their pressure. The only answer is to speed up production by creating reproduction in the species . At present it is a slow process using embryos. What he fears is messing with Nature’s laws. Drumming up a rationalization that if he is very careful-------- and a what the hell attitude he goes ahead. Pandemonium and confusion become the rule of the day as the new Eco-X are introduced. Things take their own path and pandemonium becomes the rule of the day. Fast moving comedy.

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  • Science Fiction

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  • Any Age

Dr. O and the Eco-X by Aaron Kight is about Dr. O Soozana, a doctor who wants to end world pollution.  To do this, he creates the Eco-X, a cute machine that will willingly eat all plastic.  Dr.

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