The Divide
The Divide
The Divide
Elizabeth Kay
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A unique and humorous fantasy that weaves a cast of eccentric and charming characters into an incredible adventure story.When Felix's parents take him to "The Divide"--a spot in Costa Rica where the waters that run down to the Pacific and Atlantic oceans separate--Felix finds himself in a bizarre parallel world where mythical creatures and magic are a reality.There, he meets Betony, a tangle child and herbalist who becomes his friend in this strange land. As Felix explores this new world he soon discovers that its mythical beasts and fairy folk think Felix is a legendary creature who uses practical science instead of magic! Will Felix ever find his way back home...and will he want to?

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  • Paranormal
  • Series

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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This book is about Felix, a boy who has a heart sickness that is going to make him die in a matter of time. As he gets close to the "Divide," he is released into a magical world where mythical creatures are real and human beings are only a legend. Felix develops a relationship with Betony and Ironclaw, who help Felix find a cure for his illness and a way for Felix to return to his home and real world. Felix is able to witness what it's like to be in a world that has mythical creatures that are similar to human beings in certain ways.

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The Divide is a story about the relationship between Felix, a human with a severe heart illness, and Betony, an elf. It is about a magical place at the intersection of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans where magical things are supposed to occur. As the dynamic duo travel through new lands where griffins and pixies are normal, and humans are just mythical creatures, they must fight to find the final cure for Felix's disease before time runs out.

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