Discovering Life's Purpose
Discovering Life's Purpose

This book is written for people who are searching for meaning in their lives. It provides readers with a method for their search, called Experiential Learning. It illustrates that method by tracing the author's lifelong experience with it. It presents the results of the author's two decades of research into the meaning of life.
The book contains an appendix which is, in itself, a second book entitled The Sayings of Jesus. This second book is written who those who want to more deeply understand Jesus' message. It enables readers to view Jesus' over 400 teachings by topic. It identifies the 15 most important topics based on those He spoke most, and most often, about.

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  • Inspirational
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  • Adult
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Discovering Life's Purpose by Del Smith is a critical examination of the multi-denominational Christian Church. Del Smith calls it "The Club." His re-examination is neither dogmatic nor dry, however. He uses a process called "Experiential Learning," which uses life experiences to evaluate assertions, ideas, and beliefs. He employs this method to the various assertions made by Jesus, the Bible, and the Roman Catholic Church. His experiential and analytical approach is lucid and common-sense.

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