Digging in the Stars
Digging in the Stars (Scent Hunters) (Volume 1)
Digging in the Stars
A lost ancient civilization and the tomb of a legendary king lie buried beneath centuries of ash on the volcanic planet Thror, but that’s not the only reason sixteen-year-old Carter has tricked her Archaeology of Outer Space class into coming here. Her best friend Conrad has just disappeared on a trip to Thror, leaving behind little more than a broken vintage camera. The strange and disturbing photographs she manages to extract make her suspect Conrad’s disappearance is somehow connected to the hidden tomb of the last king of Thror. Unfortunately, the ludicrously over-friendly ‘Furry Giants’ who have taken over the planet’s barren surface would rather offer her cheap souvenirs than answers, and the local officials insist they have no record of Conrad’s existence. Inspired by fear for Conrad’s life and the chance to make the greatest archaeological discovery of the century, Carter and her friends follow Conrad’s footsteps deep into the mountains of Thror’s forbidden Black Zone and launch an illicit excavation. Coded messages, stunning ancient ruins, and clues left by Conrad himself begin to surface as the young archaeologists fall victim to an alarming series of accidents staged by the increasingly hostile Furry Giants. Piecing together a history of dictatorship, terrorism and disguise, Carter glimpses the horrors beyond Thror’s flamboyant façade and startling revelations about the friend she thought she knew. The masks of Thror hide devastating secrets, and the golden tomb buried deep in the frozen core may claim the lives of everyone she loves.

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  • Adventure
  • Humor
  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Mystery
  • Science Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Digging in the Stars is an exciting young adult novel that follows the story of Carter, a sixteen-year-old Archeology of Outer Space major, as she and her class journey to the mysterious planet Thror. An excellent student, she is her professor's TA and put in charge of making reservations for the class’s expedition to the planet Magnus for an archeology apprenticeship.

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This mystery fiction story is set in the year 2222 and begins when eighteen-year-old Carter books the wrong flight to the wrong planet for her and her classmates, the same plant where her friend had recently gone missing. She decides to do some searching, with the help of her classmates and profess

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In this book, sixteen-year-old Carter Vanadian receives a package. It contains the bag of her best friend, Conrad. Inside the bag is a very outdated camera (from sometime in the 1900s), from which Carter gets photos that were taken by Conrad. A while after she receives the bag, she is put in charge of booking the flight to Magnus (a planet) for her Archeology of Outer Space college class’s apprenticeship. Instead, she ends up making the gut-wrenching decision to book it for Thror, (the planet that Conrad disappeared to) even though he had a serious lung condition.

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