Danny Flash and the Alien Crash
Danny Flash and the Alien Crash
Danny Flash and the Alien Crash follows a young boy who discovers an alien has crash landed in the woods behind his house. As a secret government organization descends on his home, Danny must band together with his younger sister Annabelle and a few friends to try and save the day. As the adventure deepens, Danny comes to find that his little alien friend is able to perform magic, and that perhaps some of those powers have been transferred to him.


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  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Special

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12

Danny Flash and the Alien Crash is about a kid who lives a simple life with his family in a house near the woods. When main character Danny is young, he grows to love magic, and his first trick is to eat a blueberry, making it “disappear,” and then pick another to make it “reappear.” Ever since, Danny has a thing for magic, going into detail about his magic wand and magic box.

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After the narrative begins with a young boy showing off his prized “magical” possessions in his room, author Kevan Peterson opens a window into the life of Danny Flash and his friends and family. After outlining their daily life, however, the book takes an unseen twist (if you don’t look at the cover) and introduces an alien, short and stout, who is on a quest for seeds.

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