City of the Yeti
City of the Yeti
City of the Yeti
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It's October 1922, and Danny Hawthorne is searching for the truth about the Yeti. During a family horseback trip in the Himalaya foothills, an accident isolates Danny and his younger sister Rachel in a remote valley, where they encounter tall strangers who are neither ape-like nor quite human.The children are escorted to an ancient, uncharted city, and invited to stay awhile. Communication is possible thanks to the creatures' telepathic abilities. Every century, this community entrusts a few, select humans with far-reaching secrets, and the two are now given the opportunity.Meanwhile, their parents arrange search parties, and soldiers prepare to move in. However, Danny and Rachel are sympathetic toward their hosts, and must devise a way to preserve the lost culture, while also ensuring a family reunion.Set in the evocative and mysterious mountains of Nepal, this book takes a refreshingly different and compassionate look at the Yeti, and the consequences of human encroachment on their territory.

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  • Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction

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  • 12 and up

City of the Yeti is a unique book exploring the myths surrounding the Yeti, the mysterious creatures of the Himalayas. 14-year-old Danny Hawthorne begins to wonder about these creatures that no one seems to know anything about. Are they even real? Were they the ones who caused his grandfather to disappear?

City of the Yeti is a book about fourteen-year-old Danny and his younger sister Rachel. The year is 1922, and the two British children live with their parents in India, just outside the city of Lakhnau.

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