Cat Mandoo: The Feline Who Flew
Cat Mandoo: The Feline Who Flew
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When children are asked which superhuman power they would like to have, one of their most common answers is “to fly.” It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that other creatures want to be able to fly too. Cats, in particular, often look up at the sky, perhaps curious to see what it’s like up there.

Cat Mandoo is such a cat. He wants to fly with all his heart, because he is eager to see what birds see when they fly. Cat Mandoo is not an idle dreamer: He works hard to make his dream come true. He is steadfast in this pursuit, even when the other cats in the neighborhood tease and try to discourage him.

The sweet short story follows Cat Mandoo as he strives to reach his goal, and young children are shown the value of remaining true to their dreams and the importance of treating animals with kindness. Along the way, they are introduced to new vocabulary words and expressions. Youngsters will be compelled to stretch their minds as they read or hear the story of the feline who flew.

To be sure, Cat Mandoo is as fun loving as he is determined, and a story about him would be incomplete if it didn’t reveal his amusing adventures and entertaining antics. The clever conclusion is sure to surprise children and adults alike.

Ms. Kasden wrote this short story after Harley, her tuxedo cat, wiggled out of his carrier on his first airplane ride. She looked up when she heard a flight attendant asking, “Did anyone board the plane with this cat?” and saw Harley in her arms.

Ms. Kasden whispered to her husband, “Maybe he was on his way to the cockpit to ask the pilot to take him to the Catskills or Katmandu.”

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  • Juvenile Fiction

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  • 5 - 8
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Cat Mandoo was rescued by his human parents from an animal shelter. When he first arrived at their home, he was extremely shy and uneasy, but in no time, he settled into his new home. The stories that his human mother told him stirred his imagination, and he now has a dream to fly. Will his dream ever become a reality? 

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