Case of the Strangled Parrot
Case of the Strangled Parrot

A baffling assassination of a minor government official has occurred in London in 1925. It is a case without any motive and no clues to the identity of the killers. Famous detectives become involved trying to solve the case often with humorous results. It becomes a high profile incident with the public as the investigation begins to drag along. Public announcements from Scotland Yard dwindle down to "it is an on-going investigation". Everyone knew it meant no one had a clue about anything.. To add to the confusion the MPs in parliament begin to take the heat from their constituents. They create a special investigation board to elect their own investigator to take over the case. Now there are opposing forces investigating the same case leading to confusion and conflicts.

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  • Mystery

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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When a man is murdered in the middle of Lord and Lady Faversham's banquet, everyone is shocked. The man is identified as Winston Smythe, and the guests assume that it was the work of a professional, especially since the death was covered up with the sound of a strangled parrot. Archibald Boathouse is considered the main suspect due to his bad luck and nervous mumbling during the questioning. When pressure builds up from the public to solve the case, Captain Parker-Jones joins Inspector Graham, which causes Inspector Graham to want to solve the case before Captain Parker-Jones can.

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