The Break-Up Artist
[ The Break-Up Artist Siegel, Philip ( Author ) ] { Hardcover } 2014
The Break-Up Artist
[ THE BREAK-UP ARTIST By Siegel, Philip ( Author ) Hardcover Apr-29-2014

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  • Fiction
  • Humor

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  • 12 and up
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The Break Up Artist by Phillip Siegel is about Becca Williamson, who is in the business of relationships, or more like ending relationships; people pay her to end other people’s relationships. In Becca’s school single girls are obsessed with finding a boyfriend, including her best friend, Val, who is willing to sink pretty low to get a boyfriend (I won’t say how because it would be a spoiler).

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The Break-Up Artist by Philip Siegel is a truly amazing book about teenage romance, but in the single friend's point-of-view.  Becca is a junior in high school with a rather unusual after school job. She spends her time thinking up new ways to break up couples for her clients. After a cute new guy moves to her school during her eighth grade year, her childhood best friend, Huxley,  ditches her for the popular new guy, Steve.  Suddenly, their once seemingly unbreakable childhood friendship dissolves into Huxley's newfound social rising.

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Sick of puppy love and “Relationship-Zombies?” Becca understands. She knows how easily relationships can change a person, especially after her sister was abandoned at the altar. Being an expert on the subject, Becca can end it. Taking on the title of “The Break-up Artist”, Becca saves Ashland High from “Relationship-Zombies.” A master of her craft, Becca sets each couple up for disaster. There isn’t any couple she can’t break; but when Becca receives an order for Ashland High’s favorite couple, Steve and Huxley, Becca gets nervous.

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Becca is not a normal girl in a normal high school. She doesn't work part time for cash nor does she babysit; Becca breaks-up couples for cash. That's right, her price is just a hundred dollars. It was love that turned her best friend, Huxley, against her and now Becca is just doing what feels right for her. Her business is booming with untrusted relationship around her entire school. Then one day, Becca receives a mysterious invitation to break-up the most pouplar couple in school, Huxley and her boyfriend Steve.

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