Broken limbs heal in eight weeks. What happens when your brain gets busted? Jason’s best friend died the day of the bike accident. The guy who woke up from the coma is nothing like the old Logan. His memory has more holes than Swiss cheese, and he can’t count to ten. Doc explains the changes in Logan come from a traumatic brain injury. But words don’t make dealing with Logan or his condition any easier. He’s more impulsive than a toddler, and his black moods strain the boys’ friendship. To cope, Jason turns to his sketchbook. PB, Logan’s tutor, encourages Jason. Together, they help Logan face a painfully slow recovery. When circumstances threaten to tear the friends apart, PB offers a solution. The catch: Jason must train for BRAN, an organized bike ride, and Logan has to get on a bike again. Jason reluctantly agrees only to battle flat tires, bad weather, and road hazards. Logan struggles against his uncooperative brain and unresponsive body. Relearning to walk is challenge enough. How can he ever ride a bike? Will the two friends give up? Or will Jason and Logan let adversity take them on the ride of their lives? “. . . a spectacular read. A rare combination of an experience that must-be-told and a story that can’t-be-put down.” —Kathy Mackel, author of Can of Worms, Mad Cat, Boost

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  • Adventure

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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BRAiN RiDE is a first-person story told from the view of two teenage boys, Jason and Logan. After a horrific bike accident, Logan is left with a serious brain injury. Although his change in mental capacity has put a strain on their brother-like relationship, they train together for an important bike race across the state. Aided by a teacher, they set out to keep moving from their past and maybe earn some money for Logan’s medical bills.


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