The Books of Barakhai
The Books of Barakhai
The Books of Barakhai
Mickey Zucker Reichert
Benton Collins was a graduate student working in the bio lab to earn his way to his degree.  When a white lab rat somehow managed to escape its cage, Ben found himself chasing the rat into a storeroom that would ultimately lead him through a secret gateway into the realm called Barakhai.  And in Barakhai, Ben’s life would be forever changed, for this was a place peopled by inadvertent shapeshifters, humans forced to spend half their day—or night—in animal form.Not everyone was happy with the life in Barakhai, a life where the general population was ruled by those few humans of royal blood who remained in their human form and were virtual dictators.  Ben, by virtue of being born on Earth, was not a shapeshifter either.  And a rebel named Zylas hoped that Ben could become the instrument to turn Barakhai around.  So Zylas and his comrade rescued Ben from certain death.  But if Ben agreed to join their cause, would he only be postponing the moment of his execution, and would he ever be allowed to return to his own world again?

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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The Books of Barakhai is two books in one.  Both books are about a boy named Benton (Ben) Collins.  His adventure began when he was working in his college lab one night during Thanksgiving weekend.  His assignment was to feed and water the white lab rats.  When he was nearly done, one of the rats escaped.  Worried his professors would flunk him if they discovered one of the rats missing, he chased after it.  After the rat led him into a strange storage room and he realized he’d been chasing him for over three hours, he found himself in the ruins of an old

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