Big Dogs
Big Dogs

There is a serial killer up there! Lieutenant JW North, of the Long Beach Police Department, stood quietly in front of an elevator to the North Tower of the Ultimo Hotel in Las Vegas. He watched the numbers go down as the elevator descended to him and wondered about the daunting task ahead. Sixty-five floors—this would be a marathon. Was his team up to it? Was he?

North and his K9 partners, German Shepherds trained to detect human scent, were there to help the Las Vegas Metro SWAT team locate a serial killer hiding in the hotel. Now it was time to go up and see if this really worked the way he believed it would. 

A year before, he had been shot and seriously wounded while responding to a crime-in-progress call involving a serial rapist who had not only raped but brutally assaulted his victim. As JW recovered, the idea had formed in his mind to build a trailing team and eventually assist the FBI in locating dangerous serial criminals. Getting The Project up and running had involved a lot of demanding work and money, and now they were here to face the final challenge. 

If they passed, it meant a second career chasing serial criminals with a special FBI task force. If not, it meant returning home defeated, outsmarted by a warped criminal mind. JW needed this to work; he needed another chance at the man who had shot him. The elevator doors opened, and the team stepped aboard...

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  • 12 and up
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Lieutenant JW North has managed to stay mostly safe throughout his career as a lieutenant. But during his last night on duty, he responds to a call in his town about a serial criminal nicknamed The Shadow by the news. He arrives at the scene of the crime, only to be shot by the notorious criminal. JW survives the shooting and wakes up in the hospital two weeks later having had a mysterious dream-like vision. In his vision, he sees a lot of dogs, along with one that looks very similar to a dog he worked with earlier in his police career.
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