Bees Are Our Friends invites readers into a stunning garden to admire the hard work of one little bee. As the bee pollinates the garden, vibrant flowers and ripe fruit and vegetables burst to life around her. Down in the garden, up high in a tree, is a busy beehive ... and one little bee. Written in irresistible rhyme by Toni D’Alia, and lavishly illustrated by Alice Lindstrom, young readers will pore over this perfect introduction to these essential insects.

Perfect for
• Budding environmentalists and children who love exploring the world around them.
• Fans of Jason Chin and Kate Messner’s popular picture books about nature
• Earth Day roundups

Toni D'Alia is a Melbourne-based author of children’s books and contemporary fiction. With a background in primary education, Toni writes heartwarming stories to

inspire, educate, empower and entertain. Her children’s stories have humor, heart and a gentle focus on wellbeing and the environment.

Illustrator Alice Lindstrom works in paper collage, using cut-and-paste techniques, painting and preparing the paper before cutting and assembling it to create textured and painterly collages. Alice's aesthetic draws on diverse influences, including mid-century illustration and design, folk art as well as Modern art movements.

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Book Details


  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
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The book Bees Are Our Friends, written by Toni D'Alia and illustrated by Alice Lindstrom, tells the delightful tale of a happy, little bee and her extraordinary day-to-day experience. Within the confines of her beehive, this happy bee embarks on a remarkable journey. From visiting flowers to spreading pollen dust, she embraces her crucial role as a pollinator, helping the growth of plants and flowers. With this special power, the bee's impact becomes truly important and awesome. Curious to know more?

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This looks like an adorable picture book that I would love to read and put in my collection. Putting this on my personal want-to-read list.
9 months 6 days ago