The Adventure of Alex and Er
The Adventure of Alex and Er

No, it is not The Adventure of Alexander but rather, it is The Adventure of Alex and Er. This is a magical children’s picture book that readers adore. The story chronicles the escapade of a mighty knight and his unicorn mare as they endeavor to locate a snowman’s missing broom. The mighty knight, Alex, and his unicorn mare, Er, work together to overcome obstacles, meet unusual enchanted animals, and help others in need. With plenty of rhyming words, realistic illustrations, and a whimsical layout, The Adventure of Alex and Er will surely appeal to all!

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  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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The Adventure of Alex and Er is an imaginative and creative story of adventure and magic. A knight and his unicorn go on a quest to find a stolen broom from a childhood snowman friend. The knight leaves everything behind including his land and castle to pursue this quest. During the knight's journey, he and his mare come across three lakes. The knight learns that each lake once was a kingdom that is under a spell. There is rhyme scheme for kids to enjoy and beautiful illustrations. Both Alex and Er overcome obstacles, encounter magical creatures, and help people during their adventure.

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