11,000 Years Lost
11,000 Years Lost
11,000 Years Lost
Peni R. Griffin
Fascinated with the archaeological dig that is going on near her Texas home, eleven-year-old Esther magically travels back in time to the Pleistocene era and discovers first-hand how people lived at that time.

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy

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  • 12 and up
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An archeologist-wannabe, Esther Aragones jumps at the chance of working with a real archeologist on a real archeological site near her school in Texas. As the work progresses Esther becomes more and more enthusiastic about prehistoric culture and spends the majority of her time with the archeologist, leading to an argument with her mother, whereupon Esther returns to the deserted site to pout.

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The book, 11,000 Years Lost, is about a girl, Esther, who accidentally travels to 11,000 years ago! She was helping some archeologists with a site near her home when she walks through a shimmering patch of air and arrives in the past. She was taken in by a family group who was near the place she appeared and she was thought of as a star-child. She started to understand their language and rituals after a while. All of the hunters thought that she was good luck, even though she knew it was not true. She goes through countless hardships and joys on her way to try to get home.

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