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Despite going to the same school, Kale Oswald and Julian Mendez have no idea the other exists.
From Egyptian Gods to hell, fairies to talking trees, Lily Young encounters it all. 

Gianna Saldana has never met her father, but when a Halloween costume search leads to the old black trunk in the spare bedroom, will her luck change?

Isabelle Tresdon’s hair has just sprouted a silver strand. "Bleeding pink dust and sparking like a firecracker," it has been nothing but trouble. Growing tired of her "granny hair," she wishes it gone. However, this brings about dire consequences.

Then Belle learns she has five days until the strand sucks away her magic...and her life. She meets two masterminds (from the Mastermind Academy) who trick her into a deal that might save her life, if it doesn’t kill her first. But is that the only thing at stake?

The Prince has just saved Cinderella from her evil stepmother. In the weeks following this traumatic experience, the Prince feels that Cinderella would benefit from studying with the Fairy Godmothers of the Four Directions. On this journey, Cinderella must face her past, present, and future to gain confidence, courage, patience, and the attributes of a princess. What are these challenges? Read to find out.