Book Reviews by derooytc

Katie is the teenage daughter of James and Susan Death. Yes, Death is their last name as her father is the Grim Reaper, so as you can imagine Katie's story is nothing like a normal teenager's would be. She begins a new school year in a new town and new school hoping that this once she will find a friend. She is thrilled when she doesn't only find one great friend in Jodie, but rather a group of friends! The start of her hoped-for-normal school year comes grinding to a hault after a catastrophe on the hockey field.

When We Were Brave tells of three very different characters and their very different stories of bravery during tragedy and hardship. With WWII as the backdrop, the three stories are each told from a unique point of view: through the eyes of a child, an SS officer, and a German-American. The child, Izaak, the son of a Jewish man, experiences the challenges of losing his father and then being sent to multiple concentration camps.