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Albany French is a teenager with a love for fairy tales. Her mother died when she was four and her father has never been himself ever since. She moves in with her grandmother, eager to stay with her but a little reluctant to leave. When she gets to her new home, she has absolutely no intention of going to the new high school her grandma has enrolled her in.  However, this isn’t any normal high school; this  Happily Ever After High!

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Set in the future of our country, Vivica Wilkins, a fugitive, has to go into hiding. She decides to join the rebels so they can defeat the government. Her mother, a governor, has also been captured by the government for hiding Vivica, and somehow Vivica must get her out. Losing her dad at age four was hard, but seeing others killed because of her was even harder. Peacemakers, a group of people who wanted all Earth to act as one nation, see the movement of the rebels as a way persuade America into joining them.

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