Book Reviews by Kevinhamster

The Mostly Invisible Boy, by AJ Vanderhorst, is a book about how an intriguing boy finds out a secret that the rest of the world has never known about. When Casey Grimes, the main character, finds out that most people thought he was invisible, he thought it was just a joke being played on him by the other kids. Now, he believes them. As he goes around sixth grade, the teacher doesn’t call on him, the other kids don’t notice him, and he never gets detention because no one notices his mistakes.

Danny Flash and the Alien Crash is about a kid who lives a simple life with his family in a house near the woods. When main character Danny is young, he grows to love magic, and his first trick is to eat a blueberry, making it “disappear,” and then pick another to make it “reappear.” Ever since, Danny has a thing for magic, going into detail about his magic wand and magic box.

In Chronomancer and the Time God, people live in a world filled with magic—where spells are flung, wine glasses fill of their own accord, and illusions are summoned. In this extraordinary land, one extremely talented man is sent on a quest for some of the wrongs he has committed in his lifetime. However, this is no ordinary quest. It is a quest assigned to people who are too well-known to be executed in the town square, but whose crimes cannot be disregarded like they could if it were just a stolen apple.

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The Ride by Nancy Demme is a book all about the morals of life and about the different people you can meet along the way. Diego, the main character, is just a young man running from the life that was shoved upon him, trying to go anywhere but home. The way that Diego travels is by walking along the road and hitchhiking whenever possible. The people he travels with along the way all reflect the different kinds of people there are in the world, from punks driving huge trucks, to accountants that are happy to talk and share a donut.