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Arthur T. Owens has had a rough few months. First his dad dies while drunk driving. Then his mom is set on moving on, so she throws away all of Arthur's dad's things. Arthur goes to blow off some steam and he sees the local junkman. With all of his attention on the old man's hat Arthur doesn't even think about what he is doing, and throws a brick at the junkman's head.

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Dime had a loving family a long, long time ago. Yet that’s so far gone now, that all she remembers is the smell of barbeque chips and the scratch of a watch on her shoulder. Dime is a foster child. Her foster mom, Janelle, blames her for her babies being taken away. Dime is okay with that, until Janelle starts to drink and abuse her.

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Alexandra Jennings already has an unusual life. Her parents are archeologists and they travel the world. Alex’s parents decide to send her to a boarding school, well more of a bored-ing school. They drop her off and head to the conveniently isolated and technology-less Siberia. After Alex is pushed into a fountain she wills herself to be anywhere else. She opens a door and falls straight into Medora, the sister world to earth with more advanced technology and people with powers called Gifts.

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      Gevri is still mad at Taemon for not telling him about the powerless state of Deliverance, and is back on his father’s side. He is leading his own unit of the special Archons that Taemon helped understand their dominion/ Psi. Taemon must make a choice for the people of Deliverance, with both the Nau and the Republik itching to capture Deliverance to attack the other, and get leg up in the war. A new history is revealed that could bring peace to Deliverance and the Republik, but Gevri is captured by the Nau on his way to negotiate.

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