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Sam has always had "creatures" in his pocket. Whenever Sam is having a good time and feeling happy, yellow comes out! But when something doesn't go his way and he is upset, grey comes out. When grey is out, everything seems worse than it is.  With the help of his friend Ryan, will Sam be able to control how he feels (and which creatures come out)? Sam just may be able to accomplish this if he tries his best!
A Christmas in Vermont by Bryan Mooney is a story about two people who must first discover themselves before they can discover each other.  Beginning in a war zone, later the story primarily takes place in “America’s Mayberry,” Woodstock, Vermont.   

   Fairy Atlas, written by Anna Claybourne and illustrated by Miren Asiain Lora, is a comprehensive overview of fairy folk and their relatives.  As mentioned in the title, this book is an atlas that presents commentary from many countries in each of the continents of the world, about fairy myths and legends.   After an initial introduction defining the fairy world and fairies, the reader is first taken to Europe and introduced to various fairy creatures (Puck, Brownie, Lutin, Galtzagorri, and more) from England to Hungary.