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Through student book reviews, we promote reading and writing among preteens, teens, and young adults.  We also enjoy connecting our student book reviewers with authors and publishers of a wide variety of titles and genre.

Tynea Lewis  and Gary Cassel lead our team and manage our interactive free online reading strategy.  A group of very skilled and dedicated adult LitPick underwriters generously provides feedback to our student book reviewers about their reviews to help improve reading comprehension and writing skills. Please contact us if you are interested in finding out how you can volunteer to mentor our students reviewers with their writing.

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Meet Our Team

Site Administrator

Tynea Lewis has a degree in elementary education from Millersville University in Pennsylvania, along with a Library Science K-12 certification. After teaching for three years in the same district she attended as a student, Tynea left education to raise her two young daughters. Tynea enjoys using her background in teaching to work with LitPick students, offering books to read for free to students she oversees in our online interactive reading program. Because of her passion for online books, reading, and writing, she also edits poetry and writes for a teen magazine. Her favorite place to spend time with her family is around the campfire in the backyard.

Co-founder and Webmaster

Gary Cassel, our webmaster, was co-founder of Flamingnet Teen Book Reviews and LitPick, along with his son, Seth.  Gary is responsible for web development of the site and for the day-to-day management of LitPick’s online reading and writing community of student book reviewers, parents, educators, authors, and publishers. He is very passionate about being able to offer books to read for free to students who sign up as book reviewers in LitPick's online interactive reading and writing program. With the growth of eBooks, student can now read books online free and receive valuable feedback from LitPick on their writing.  EBooks have also allowed LitPick to promote reading and writing online to a large number of students with diverse backgrounds and from a variety of geographic areas.

Managing Editor

Amber has her bachelor's degree in social work from Eastern University. She obtained her master's degree in elementary education and teaching certification from Arcadia University. She is currently a second grade teacher, and has experience working with students of all ages. At LitPick, she assigns student book reviews to sponsors and underwriters for their feedback to students as part of our interactive reading and writing program.  Amber also enjoys evaluating book reviews as an underwriter for LitPick.  She is very enthusiastic about how eBooks have made it possible for us to surmount postage costs and be able to offer free reading opportunities to students from all over the world.  Amber is an avid reader and loves spending time with her husband and infant son. She loves all things vintage, especially her records and record player.


LitPick-Ravenswood: New Media & Editorial Intern

Caitlin grew up in Allentown, PA and graduated with a B.A. in English and a minor in Creative Writing from Lehigh University in 2011. She then moved to Western MA to pursue her M.F.A. in Writing for Children from Simmons College, taking children's literature and creative writing courses at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, MA, and she graduated in spring 2014. Caitlin is currently writing a middle grade novel, two young adult novels, and a picture book. Children's books are her passion, and she is very happy to be working with LitPick to promote the literature that she loves.

Education Advisor

Sarah Victoria has returned to LitPick!  Years ago, Sarah worked with us before moving south with her family.  Fortunately, she is back helping us as a content and education advisor.  She has an extensive background in education, espeically with Common Core and ELA.  Sarah has also authored several books to promote reading and writing among student, as well as lesson plans for teachers to strengthen language rules and standards which students need to become better writers.

Literary Assistant

Estrella Salgado joined LitPick out of a great love for reading and writing. She is active at her high school, participating in Mathletes and Scholastic Bowl and writing for The Maroon newspaper. In addition to winning several local writing contests, Estrella’s writings have been featured in the Teen Ink magazine, two editions of the series A Celebration of Poets, and the book Discovering and Developing Talents in Spanish-Speaking Students. She also participated in a student panel at the 2013 ASCD conference. Estrella plans on majoring in English and history and wants to work in the publishing world, though she would love to be a historical advisor for BBC.

Graphic Designer

A graduate of the University of Colorado and an Adobe Certified Expert, Kenneth led the Digital Media department at the Computer Career Institute at Johns Hopkins University. He taught students of all ages and from all backgrounds a comprehensive curriculum that ranged from screenwriting and typography to JavaScript and sound engineering.  Kenneth’s teaching and his work in design and new media production is complemented by his volunteer work. As a head counselor at the YMCA/Easter Seals Summer Camp in Big Bear, California, he recruits a staff of counselors and leads them in providing team building exercises and personal growth opportunities for people with cerebral palsy. As one would expect from a LitPick team member, Kenneth is passionate about literature and enjoys a diverse reading list.

LitPick-Islandport: New Media & Editorial Intern

Gwendolyn has always had a love for the written word and began critiquing literature for LitPick when she discovered their website in 2012. She is currently a student at community college and contributes to the local newspaper, Topanga Messenger. She also runs a personal blog where she shares her reviews of film, music, and literature, as well as her poetry, art, and photography. Gwendolyn is a musician, a poet, an artist, and an amateur/aspiring filmmaker who enjoys exploring museums and libraries, making friends with cats, and wearing vintage style fashion. She can be most commonly found with either a pencil and a notebook, a musical instrument, a camera, or a mug of tea. When possible, a few of those mentioned may occur simultaneously.

LitPick Underwriters Who Evaluate Student Book Reviews

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