The Wreath review by SMo
The Wreath of Poseidon
by Chloe Howard, Chris Howard
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure
Five Star Award

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There are creatures under the sea who are part fish, part human known in storybooks as mermaids and mermen. However, in reality, these creatures look almost exactly like normal people. The only differences are that they have a thin layer of skin between their fingers and toes and the fact that they can breath underwater. They are divided into royal houses, they have a king, and there are traitors, enemies, and an evil army. Kassandra is a Telkhines (never call them mermaids and mermen) who is a descendent of the king. Unfortunately, the king is out to get her. She wears the wreath, an object that is passed down from mother to daughter, or sister, or some distant female relation who can be trusted to use it properly. The wearer, once she reaches the age of thirteen begins to gain extraordinary powers, and the king knows Kassandra is not on his side. Kassandra just turned thirteen. She knows absolutely nothing about the Telkhines, or the wreath, because she was sent as an infant to central Nebraska, with the skin between her fingers and toes removed, by the king (who didn't know she had the wreath at the time) so that she would be out of the way and not cause any problems, or so he thought.


Surprises are unlimited, problems abundant, and new friends and enemies are constantly turning up. Chris and Chloe Howard have written an amazing fantasy about a girl with more problems than anyone can imagine. Readers will discover an undersea world very different from the Little Mermaid. Teen fantasy readers will excitedly follow Kassandra's every step as she discovers who she really is, and her important role in saving her newly discovered family.


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