Worlds of the Golden Queen review by VR
Worlds of The Golden Queen
by David Farland
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fantasy
Five Star Award

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David Farland takes you on an adventure through amazing worlds, where there is knowledge on how to expand life, create new creatures/lifeforms, and so much more. But throughout the thousands of worlds there is suffering of people, for the Golden Queen Semarritte is dead, and now the Dronon are in control of the worlds. The Dronon are nasty creatures who have created chaos throughout the worlds. But there is hope to overthrow the Dronon by means of Semarritte's clone, Everynne. On the way to regain control of the worlds Everynne comes across three people, a bodyguard named Gallen, an orphen named Maggie, and a bear named Orick. Gallen, Maggie, and Orick live on what is known as a backwards world, where the tecnologies of the other worlds have been rejected by the original people on the backwards world, and so when they agree to help Everynne they have no idea of what kinds of things or people they will find on their adventure. Throughout Gallen, Maggie, and Orick's journey they find good and bad worlds and people, that always tests what they believe in . The only thing certain about this adventure is it will change them all forever.


I loved "Worlds of the Golden Queen." it was a great book with characters you easily could like. The bad guys in the book you hated, but felt bad for them because of the fact that they were convinced that what they were doing was going to make the world a better place. The best part of the book, in my opnion, was the first time Gallen, Maggie, and Orick meet Everynne. I liked that part the best because that is when Maggie, Gallen, and Orick's life changing adventure begins.


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