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Who I Am
by M.L. Rice
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fiction
Five Star Award

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Who I Am, by M.L. Rice, tells the story of high school senior Devin Kelly. Devin, who never was really able to make friends, becomes very close to Melanie Parker, who she meets the first day of school. Throughout the story Devin realizes she is has more than just friendly feelings for Melanie. She is unsure what to do, it hurts her to have to pretend she feels differently, but does not want to risk their friendship. On top of everything else Melanie's twin brother bullies Devin and wants her to stay away from Melanie. She has to make many very hard decisions throughout the story.


The story is written very realistically. It is in first person and Devin speaks like a modern teenager would really speak. She encounters realistic problems and tells a story of things that happen every day but often go unnoticed. She goes into detail about how she is feeling throughout the story so the reader can connect to her feelings. This book easily kept my attention. Though it was short there are many events that keep it interesting. I would recommend this book to teenagers who do not understand why some people are atracted to the same gender because it describes in detail how Devin feels and what she is going through and that it is not something she chose.



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