Time's Chariot review by ECra
Time's Chariot
by Ben Jeapes
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Mystery
Five Star Award

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Age at time of review - 19
Reviewer's Location - Royersford, PA , United States
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This novel is science fiction, action, mystery, and historical. Its purpose is to entertain. This story is set in future period called the Home Time. In the Home Time, it is possible to travel back in time as long as one is careful not to upset the history of the world. If history is drastically altered, the time stream will split and many more people will be created. The main problem with the Home Time is that it will end in twenty-seven years and it will no longer be possible to travel through time. Two field agents, Rico and Su, that escort groups back in time are swept into a plot involving a murder, time paradoxes, and dangerous contact with the people of the past by people at the highest levels of Home Time society. While seeking the truth, Rico and Su are sent through time, threatened, and held captive by their Home Time foes and powerful historical figures. Though the characters in the book travel through history, the book is more science fiction and adventure than historical or factual.


I found this novel very entertaining and exciting. I read lots of science fiction books and many contain time paradoxes or time travel, but this one was unique. It was for a young adult, though not childish, and more general audience, rather than most science fiction books that are written for adult science fiction fans. It was cleaner and less focused on hard science fiction. The flawed futuristic society is not the focus of the novel, but it does provide room for thought about how much people should be controlled. The different periods of time and alternate histories were enjoyable, as were the straightforward main characters. There was enough mystery and intrigue to keep me guessing, but I was never too confused or lost. The ending has unpredictable and exciting plot twists. The book is a short and easy but thoroughly worthwhile read.



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Content rating - some mature content

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There are a few instances of language and violence.

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