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In Sustainability at Work: Careers That Make a Difference, environmentalist Marilyn Waite provides ways to improve sustainability in the workplace on a small-scale level yet with large-scale effects, all within the length of 180 pages.



Waite’s writing voice is intellectually explanatory, which might require some to reread a few sections to fully comprehend the material, yet it is not inaccessible or convoluted. This book feels similar to a college textbook (it would make a great one!) in the “no-frills” descriptions and layout. It does a good job of explaining unfamiliar terms and subjects that are presented in manageable definitions that don’t overburden the text. It’s academic but not to the point where only experts can get something out of it.


The format is clean and non-intimidating, in a well-organized and tidy way, and could be helpful to those who struggle with comprehending some of the less familiar material covered.


While some sections took a few re-reads more than others, overall, this book is clear and concise. It would make a good gift for those passionate about environmentalism, those interested in sustainable development, students of environmental studies, and/or those looking for ways to introduce a “green-friendly” mindset to their career.


Overall, Sustainability at Work: Careers That Make a Difference is educated and sometimes verbose, yet hardly unclear. Whether one will find it interesting depends upon their personal interests and goals. While it’s not necessarily a light read, Waite’s examination of sustainable development can be relevant both to those just starting careers and to those already employed.  

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