The Serpent In The Glass review by leonardo
The Serpent In The Glass
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Fantasy
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The Serpent in the Glass takes place in the present and is about a boy named Thomas Farrell whose father dies and leaves him a glass with a serpent in it, and a already paid for education at Darkledun Manor, which is a school for gifted children. However Thomas doesn't feel very gifted, but goes anyway, and soon finds out that Darkledun Manor is anything but ordinary. While going to this school he will face challenges, along with his sister and friends. The main theme of this story is Thomas trying to find out who he is and how he fits into Darkledun Manor. This book would most likely be in Adventure, and Fantasy.


The Serpent in the Glass really pulled me in I was dying to know what happens next that I didn't want to put it down. Also I felt like I can actually see everything that was going on like watching a movie. The mood of the story felt like a mystery, but also fun. I really liked the main character Thomas, it really made me want him to fined out who he is, also I liked his attitude towards everything. It didn't leave me hanging on any character, but it made me want to know if a second one will be made. I think the author did achieve his purpose. The writing was effective, and age appropriate. The strength of this book was how it pulled you into the book. Its weakness was trying to tell if the dreams where connected, some of them were italic, some were not, I don't know if it was supposed to be liked that or not. It could become a movie, but I'm not good at telling if a book is good enough or not. I haven't really read anything by D.M Andrews before now, but I am considering finding books written by him. My over all opinion of this book was it is really good and I am hoping there is a part two. The ending was great, it didn't leave me with any questions of why that happen or confused me. I would recommend it to anyone who likes adventure, fantasy, or even just a bit of action.

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