Runnerland review by MRhea_MCO
by John Burns
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fiction

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Age at time of review - 12
Reviewer's Location - Merino, CO, United States
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 Peter is a normal high school kid, just trying to get 
through life. Suddenly, his dad dies and makes everything 
change. While looking for something, Peter discovers that 
he is adopted! He decided this was a big thing that his 
parents didnt tell him, so he decides to run away from 
home. Peter ends up being involved with a guy who is 
involved with gangs, but will this change Peter? Will he 
give into what he trys to tell him?


I really enjoyed this book. The author really made it so 
I knew exactly what Peter was going through. It was also 
like I could feel everything that was being described 
throughout the book. The main character, Peter was very 
realistic sounding. He goes through many things in the book 
that an average teenager goes through. I think that the 
vocabulary used in this book was appropriate; it wasn't for 
a little kid, but it wasn't too bad. There wasnt much 
swearing in this book, which made me happy. I would 
recommend this book to others because it is a good book to 
read if you are wondering what some people go through. I 
know for me it was a change because I never realized that 
people actually have to go through things like 
this.Overall, I enjoyed reading this book.
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Content rating - some mature content

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There is some swearing in this book, and some violence.

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