John Burns
Peter’s just a normal teenager living a normal life — until his father suddenly dies and his world is turned upside down. Already teetering on the brink of despair, Peter goes over the edge when he accidentally discovers that he was adopted. Feeling betrayed, overwhelmed, and confused, Peter runs away from home and goes underground, living with other street children in a squat ruled by the creepy yet charismatic Dekman. The constant panhandling soon bores him, and Peter finds himself blacking out, escaping to a strange subconscious world he calls Runnerland. As the pressures on the street and in the squat mount, the borders between Runnerland and the real world begin to blur, forcing Peter to make some hard choices and seek answers to the questions he's been avoiding. But can he escape Dekman's cult-like gang? And if so, where will he go? Cautionary without being demeaning, Runnerland portrays life on the street with chilling accuracy.

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  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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 Peter is a normal high school kid, just trying to get 
through life. Suddenly, his dad dies and makes everything 
change. While looking for something, Peter discovers that 
he is adopted! He decided this was a big thing that his 
parents didnt tell him, so he decides to run away from 
home. Peter ends up being involved with a guy who is 
involved with gangs, but will this change Peter? Will he 
give into what he trys to tell him?
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