Kissing the Rain review by JP
Kissing The Rain
by Kevin Brooks
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fiction

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The book Kissing the Rain is about a fat kid, Michael (nicknamed Moo) who is teased, or RAINED OFF as he calls it, a lot. Every day after school, after the Rain, he goes to a bridge with a highway on it. He goes there to calm his mind and to lose himself at the bridge. One day, he sees two cars pull over. Pretty soon, a fight starts and one guy is killed, but no one is sure who kills him. Moo is one of the few witnesses and the police take a statement from him and he has to go to court. Some people want the guy who supposedly killed the man in jail, but that guy will do anything to keep that from happening, even bribe Moo and seriously hurt his friend. To find out what happens to Moo and the rest, read the book.


I liked this book a lot. It reminded me of people I know at school who are teased a lot just because of how they look. That helped me connect with Moo and understand his feelings, which were quite accurate. The plot kept me interested and it was written like Moo was actually telling the story to you. It had curse words, badly spelled e- mails, improper grammar, and other things to make the book seem real. The ending was a perfect cliffhanger and it made you wonder what would happen next. I know there is not going to be a sequel so this book lets me imagine the ending. Also, it left you with a message, which is you can say you are going to do something, but are you really going to do it? Choices in life are often very tough to make. I recommend this book to anyone, no matter what they like or do not like.


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