Kissing the Rain
Kissing The Rain
Kissing the Rain
Kevin Brooks
From the acclaimed author of MARTYN PIG and LUCAS comes another compelling, edgy ,YA thriller about love, loss, and life.Moo Nelson likes to be alone. Overweight and shy, Moo is constantly mocked and bullied by his cruel classmates. He's happiest spending time on a secluded bridge above the highway, watching the cars go by. One day, from his special spot, Moo witnesses a crime that changes his life forever. He sees a car chase and a murder--and suddenly Moo's a celebrity of sorts. The police, the lawyers, and even the bullies are now really interested in Moo. But so is one shady character who seems intent on tracking Moo down. Now all Moo has to do is find out the truth behind the crime...before it's too late.

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  • Fiction
  • Mystery

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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The book Kissing the Rain is about a fat kid, Michael (nicknamed Moo) who is teased, or RAINED OFF as he calls it, a lot. Every day after school, after the Rain, he goes to a bridge with a highway on it. He goes there to calm his mind and to lose himself at the bridge. One day, he sees two cars pull over. Pretty soon, a fight starts and one guy is killed, but no one is sure who kills him. Moo is one of the few witnesses and the police take a statement from him and he has to go to court.

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