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Heartbeat (Harlequin Teen)
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Romance
Five Star Award

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Age at time of review - 15
Reviewer's Location - Pasadena, Maryland, United States
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Emma is a straight-A high school student with perfect attendance. She should be one of the top students in her school, but now she’s dropped from the best to the worst. Emma’s mother has passed away mentally but physically she is still around, being kept alive by machines. Her mother is brain-dead and pregnant. Emma is horrified by what has happened. Completely broken, Emma no longer cares about school or anything else. She blames her stepfather, believing that he pressured her mother into getting pregnant and due to that, she is now "dead." Can she get her life back together, or will her world forever be black and white?


I LOVE Heartbeat, it’s an amazing book. I found the book really touching and loving. Emma’s life was something I could relate to, along with many of the other characters. I thought this book had some familar stories that happen in everyday life--like her relationship with her parents, how she hates her father, and how her mother is no longer with her. I found nothing bad about the book, and I would recommended it to any one of my friends. It was truly an awesome book. There wasn't that much romance, but it was more based on Emma and her family problems than her love life.

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