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Forever War, The
by Joe Haldeman
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure
Five Star Award

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In the book The Forever War, author Joe Haldeman centers his novel on the epic journey of Private William Mandella. In the beginning of the book, the setting is 1997, and William Mandella his swept from is average life to become an elite soldier fighting a nascent intergalactic war, with an enemy so vicious it kills harmless colonists. The enemies are the Taurans, a race of aliens that seem to be hostile. In this impressive novel, Haldeman has Mandella fight a war with no end, climb through the ranks, and understand the importance of this war to the world. However due to time dilation, or going the speed of light, Mandella ages months while the world ages decades, and everything he loves slips away with each moment of military service.


This book was amazing; I really loved its sense of harshness and cruelty. The book contains language, alcohol, and drug use but Joe Haldeman uses this to stress the ruggedness, savageness, and brutality of war. Although not right for all ages, the book is a page-turner masterpiece. Haldeman crafts a universe that at first is normal, but twists it when time dilation changes the world into what humanity might have to go through. The deeper meaning of this book is evident in the ending, and really makes one think. This book ended fantastically, all questions answered, and a sequel is not needed at all. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed Enders Game and the deep world of science fiction.


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