A Forest Through The Trees review by MDonah
A Forest Through The Trees
Age Range - Any Age
Genre - Fiction
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Age at time of review - 15
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A pun-filled adventure that has very clever word usage. This book is wonderful; it's about a family of animals living there lives in the Fall. They have a fun time with each other during this season. They play games outside and really enjoy themselves. It's a critter's view of Fall. It is a good book for all ages even our youngest of readers.


The setting of this book left me in awe. The author described it so well I felt like I was actually there with them. There were a lot of beautiful Fall scenes. The purpose of this book is to see Fall through the eyes of an animal. This book has an interesting writing style, none like I've read before. They included a lot of detail in this story which made a clear picture in my mind. The author's writing is effective and persuasive. The vocabulary was very age appropriate. I found this book very moving throughout. I would recommend this book to people because it's very interesting and the plot is great!

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