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by William Sleator
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fiction

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Humphrey hadn't been doing to well in his last concerts. Now that he is a big man, and not a little boy, people don't want to see him play anymore. When he was younger, he played great for his age, and people thought he was so cute. Now, his music isn't played like a real musician, and he is no longer cute. Bridget, Humphrey's stepmom and Sam's mom, comes up with a great idea to make it seem like Humphrey created music from the ghost of a famous dead composer. The plan works out great, and Humphrey is once again famous. Until, all of a sudden, it seems like Humphrey is actually composing the music from the dead musician. Will all the strange events like an old man knowing he exact notes that was changed by Humphreys dad, Luke, be coincidence? Or is it something out of the supernatural?


This was a really eerie book. It made you think and wonder what could have caused the coincidences in the story. The author kept me wanting to know what happens, and he kept me bound to the book. I always wondered what would eventually happen at the end. The ending was very good, and made me say "o my gosh" over and over to my self. The author wrote the bok with just the right amount of details, so I wasn't bored at all while reading.


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