William Sleator
Eighteen-year-old Sam has always been jealous of his younger brother, Humphrey, the famous "wonder child" pianist. But now that Humphrey is fifteen, the one-time child prodigy isn't able to get any more bookings. Sam's mother refuses to accept that Humphrey's career is over and devises a scheme to recapture his fame: Sam will compose "new works" by a long dead gypsy composer, and they will tell the world that the composer is dictating the music to Humphrey from the grave. The scheme is a wild success--until some ghostly occurrences convince Sam that the spirit of the dead composer has actually taken over Humphrey's fingers. Have Sam and his family unleashed a force from beyond the grave?

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  • Fiction
  • Paranormal

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Humphrey hadn't been doing to well in his last concerts. Now that he is a big man, and not a little boy, people don't want to see him play anymore. When he was younger, he played great for his age, and people thought he was so cute. Now, his music isn't played like a real musician, and he is no longer cute. Bridget, Humphrey's stepmom and Sam's mom, comes up with a great idea to make it seem like Humphrey created music from the ghost of a famous dead composer. The plan works out great, and Humphrey is once again famous.

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