Dodger For President review by TKono
Dodger for President (Dodger and Me)
by Jordan Sonnenblick
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Fiction

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Age at time of review - 12
Reviewer's Location - Staten Island, NY, United States
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"Dodger For President" by Jordan Sonnenblick is about a fifth grade boy and his British friend who run for class president and vice president. Propelled by their magical blue monkey, the children go up against the school's most popular boy and the scariest boy. A true tale of underdogs, the story shines light on the power of hard work and believing in oneself. Many magical potions and whimsical events are chronicled, mostly revolving around the blue monkey.


This book is second in a series. Although some details are confusing at first, the author clears them up. Readers learn that the monkey came from a magic lamp, and he is always around the main character since he wished for the monkey to be his best friend forever. The humor in the book can be a bit crude at times, but it is in no way inappropriate for youngsters. Silly to the utmost degree, this book is great for kids who want to read a story that won't put them to sleep.

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Content rating - nothing offensive


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