Children of the Dawnland, Kathleen O'Neal Gea...
Children of the Dawnland
by W. Michael Gear, Kathleen O'Neal Gear
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Fantasy
Five Star Award

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Age at time of review - 12
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Children of the Dawnland takes place in Canada and most of North America around 12,900 years ago. It's about a twelve-year-old girl named Twig, who has exceptional Dreamer powers. She has terrible nightmares about the world ending with a flash of green light and a meteor. But her mother discourages her training to become a Dreamer because she fears that Twig will become too powerful and be cast out of the tribe like Cobia and Screech Owl. Despite her mother's wishes, Twig goes to see Screech Owl for advice and to become a Spirit Dreamer. While Twig tries to become a Spirit Dreamer but fails, Thornback Raiders attack the camp of Twig's tribe. Twig later finds her friend, Greyhawk, and together they set out in search of Cobia's cave for help with the upcoming Doomsday.


I liked Children of the Dawnland mostly because it reminds me of a series that I enjoy very much. The Warriors series, by Erin Hunter, is similar to Children of the Dawnland because the plot of the story mostly revolves around spiritual themes, much like the 'prophesies' the 'medicine cats' have. The medicine cats' dreams allow them to predict the future and receive signs, which is like Twig's vision of the world ending. Children of the Dawnland also has the same general way of life as the Warriors series where the characters have names and daily rituals that connect to the environment. I would recommend this book to fans of the Warriors series because of the similarities of theme and suspense.


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