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Charles Darwin
by Alan Gibbons, Leo Brown
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Biography

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Charles Darwin takes an epic adventure in which today is
said to be one of the greatest scientific discoveries
ever. The book is facts mixed in with a little bit of
fiction. Throughout the period of a four year ship ride on
the HMS Beagle, the main character, James Kincaid, writes
a dairy entry every now and then telling about the finds
of Charles Darwin and the fun that was held on the islands
they traveled to and from. It is a great short read for
young adults and a good book for young readers that have
not yet mastered chapter books. The book is full of cool
creatures and amazing illustrations from the start of the
first page.


Charles Darwin by Alan Gibbons is a book
with an exclusive setting of the island of South America.
The writer makes the characters pop out of the book so you
get the idea of who they were and what they were like. The
characters are very likable and are fun to read about what
they did and what their life was made up of. It was
written in the appropriate manner of first person. I read
as though the main character was reading his dairy entries
right to me. The book had many strengths, but one of its
greatest was its illustrations. They were colorful and
vibrant, making it seam as though you were there in that
animated world. I really have never read a book like it so
I couldnt compare it to anything. I learned a lot while
reading Charles Darwin, it is filled with facts. As a
chapter book reader, it was more of a burden to read the
book. There wasnt a part that really pulled me in because
it was so short. If I had to choose whether to recommend
it or not I would have to say it matters who you are, a
chapter book reader like me, or a short book reader. It
would also depend on your preference in genera.       

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