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To Be Mona
by Kelly Easton
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure

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Age at time of review - 11
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Sage is senior in high school, and she knows who she is, well she thought she did, until she started trying to be something she is not. Slowly Sage starts to change herself, she looses weight, and she even changes what she wears. Roger the guy that Sage secretly has a crush on finally starts to notice her. Sage and Roger began to date, and Roger starts to be more controlling than Sage had expected, he even had an effect on the people that she is friends with. Sage distinguishes herself into someone so unrecognizable to herself and even to her best friend, Vern who has been there for Sage for the good times, and the bad. These dramatic changes that Sage is going through is begging to worry Vern. Will the drastic change that Sage made destroy their friendship, or will they it through one last tough time together?


I would recommend To Be Mona, because its not just a regular page turner book it makes you feel apart of the setting. To Be Mona is a book that you pick up, and just cant put down. I think that the vocabulary was age appropriate, and the book never went too far, that made me just to quite reading. A few of the strengths of the book are, it stayed on topic the whole time, and didnt just jump from one thing to another, and the setting. One of the weaknesses was in some parts of the book it was hard to follow what was going on part of the time, and the character descriptions werent as strong as I think that they could have been. I dont have any comparisons to other books, because I never read another book quite like this it was very different from anything I have ever read before. I didnt like everything was solved, for example, what is going to happen to Vern and Sage after they go to college, and will they still stay in contact. One thing I learned is to always be yourself, and the people that you want to be your friends are the people who accept you for the way you are.


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