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Avery Appreciates True Friendship is a heartwarming story about a friendship struggle in the midst of softball season. Avery is one of many players on the softball team called The Lady Tigers. She adores softball and equally loves being able to share this passion with her two best friends, Charlotte and Bianca.

When Charlotte unexpectedly brings a new girl named Shelby into their trio, however, the easy-going and fun relationship between the girls rapidly declines. Charlotte and Shelby begin hanging out, going to the mall, and shopping while Bianca and Avery struggle to retain their friendship with Charlotte. In the middle of all of this drama, Avery begins to question herself and tries to look her best all the time, which causes some inner struggles. After a huge fight between Charlotte and Avery, it seems like the girls will never regain their earlier friendship. Will this conflict get in the way of softball? Will Charlotte, Avery, and Bianca restore their friendship?


Avery Appreciates True Friendship is a truly delightful story about how important it is to work as a team. Despite being the fourth book in the series, there was no mention of earlier tales, and it seems as if each book focuses on a different girl on the softball team. Therefore, it is not imperative to read the previous stories in the series before reading this one

The characters were charmingly displayed as young teenagers. Avery is obviously a sports girl who couldn’t care less about the way she looks and the latest fashion trends. She and her two friends seem extremely similar in this way until Charlotte introduces Shelby. Suddenly, the girls aren’t so similar anymore. Charlotte and Shelby are more fashionistas while Avery and Bianca adamantly maintain their position that fashion and softball don’t mix. While this makes room for the typical teenage girl drama, it effortlessly portrays the story as one that would happen in real life.

The conclusion of the story was simply heartwarming as the girls regained their friendship and discovered that fashion and softball can mix together. While some of the rules of softball were never completely explained and left me slightly confused, I was able to follow the several games that took place pretty easily. 

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