Your Body Rocks!
Your Body Rocks!

Your Body Rocks! takes away the shame of kids being curious about bodies. It’s perfectly natural for children to want to ask questions about what’s underneath our clothes, so it’s important they develop an honest foundation for understanding body parts, safe vs. unsafe touch, consent, anatomy, reproduction, and gender. This book simplifies the tough stuff for kids (and parents, too) by providing the age-appropriate information that they need! A colorful, compassionate, and inclusive book created by Emily Lauren Dick and the Guiding Light Education Company.

Book Details


  • Educational
  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8

Your Body Rocks is a stellar educational children’s book for kids to learn about their bodies and others' bodies. The most important lesson expressed in the book is that every person’s body is special, and it rocks! This book touches on various topics related to anatomy, consent, gender, safety, and growth. It is perfect for readers of any age for them to read along with their parents, ask questions, and learn how special their bodies are!

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