Wizards of Hastin
The Mystical Tales of Indus Valley: Wizards of Hastin
Wizards of Hastin
P. Ashar
This is an epic tale about two mighty warring families who are descendants of King Sudry of Hastin. The forces of evil represent the Telhoths and the forces of good represent the Prols. They use supernatural powers, plots, cunning, bravery and wisdom against each other. Welcome to the world of mysticism and adventure.

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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This is a collection of folk tales and fables from the Indus Valley. It follows the rivalry of two sides of a warring family. Five of the warriors are known as the Prols, and they posess great talents that help them in the fight against the Telhoths. The Telhoths are the cousins of the Prols, and are made up of the 100 sons of Wardoria, the King, Lohas, and his foster child, Karna. The story goes like this. The Prols are the masters of half the kingdom. Then, the powerhungery Telhoths trick the Prols into a fixed game of dice which causes the Prols to go into hidding for many years.

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