The Wizard Test
Wizard Test, The
The Wizard Test
Hilari Bell
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Dayven has passed the test he wanted most desperately to fail -- he's been proven to have the powers of a wizard.He had promised never to become one of the deceitful, disloyal sorcerers who believe in nothing and alter people's true destinies -- but now he has no choice. Thrown into an apprenticeship with a roguish wizard, Dayven discovers that loyalty and trust are never simple, and wizards are more deceptive than he could ever imagine.The path that was once clear -- his friendships, his future, his destiny -- is now shadowed with dangerous twists and turns, and the world he knows must change forever.

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Paranormal

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  • 12 and up
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When wizards are said to be deceitful and dishonor the Tharn, Lord Enar ruler of Tharn needs someone to spy on the wizards to see where their loyalties lie. Lord Enar recruits Dayven, a young Tharn boy, said to possess a wizard's power. While hiding his identity, The Wizard Test by Hilari Bell follows Dayven as he learns that loyalty and one's true path are not always what they seem.

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Dayven has always wanted to be a Guardian for his army of Tharn, and as he grows up he becomes better and better with the sword. Then, he comes to a period in time when he must take the wizard test, to see if he has magic, and will become a wizard. When Dayven takes the test he passes, and now everyone knows he has magic, but Dayven still wants to be a Guardian. The Masters of Guardians tell Dayven that he can become a Guardian, but he can be a wizard and spy on the other wizards to make sure they are loyal to Tharn. Dayven decides to take up this challenge.

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