The Witch's Boy
Witch's Boy, The
The Witch's Boy
Michael Gruber
A wondrous journey through the realms of magicThey call him Lump. Ugly, misshapen -- more goblin than human child -- abandoned as an infant and taken in by a witch, he is nursed by a bear, tutored by a djinn; his only playmates are the creatures of the forest, whose language he learns to speak.But when Lump inevitably stumbles into the human world, his innocence is no match for the depths of people's cruelty, which turns his heart to stone, and fuels a vengeance that places him and his witch mother in deadly peril. Yet these disasters also send Lump on a journey of self-discovery, to realms deep within the earth and far beyond mortal imagination.In this stunning fantasy debut, Michael Gruber has created a world that is at once deceptively familiar and stunningly original, a world of cruelty, beauty, legend, truth, and above all, wonder. Readers will delight in the author's ingenious retelling of classic fairy tales and will marvel at the stunning new tale of a boy raised by a witch, a cat, a bear, and a demon.

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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This was a stunning fantasy book. It has aspects of many classic fairy tales wrapped up into the book. It starts out when a witch finds a baby boy in the middle of the woods. This is not a normal baby boy, he is deeply scarred and deformed. The witch calls him Lump, for the lumps and scars the cover his body. "Charming creature something like a pig, something like a bat. Aren't babies supposed to be pretty?". His nurse is a bear and his tutor is a demon. The author has formed a world of beauty, cruelty, hate, legend, and wonder.

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