Wicked Dead
Wicked Dead: Prey
Wicked Dead
Thomas Pendleton, Stefan Petrucha
Tonight's tale . . . Rabbit food. Windowpanes. Pennies. Chelsea Kaüer counts and frets over everything—her OCD won't let her stop. But when her biology teacher, Ms. Mandisa, asks her to pet-sit, Chelsea can't think of a reason to say no. After all, it's extra pocket money—nothing to worry about, right? Wrong. Ms. Mandisa's "pet" is a six-foot lizard with a poisonous bite and a taste for red meat. And if Chelsea doesn't think fast, she'll be dead meat. . . .

Book Details


  • Adventure
  • Mystery

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Rebekah James Chelasea Kauer has OCD. Then Chelsea's biology teacher asks her to pet-sit while she is on vacation. Chelsea can't find a reason to say no until she finds out the pet is a monitor. Chelsea's teacher begs her so Chelsea says yes. The second time that Chelsea goes to feed the monitor, she brings her boyfriend. She thinks that the monitor has eaten the dog that lives just next door. So being curious her boyfriend sticks his hand in the cage and the monitor bites off a piece of his finger.

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