Why Ball Wouldn't Bounce
Why Ball Wouldn't Bounce

This is a story about Ball, who is ashamed of his bounce and wants so desperately to bounce like everyone else. He tries everything to fit in but the others just laugh, if they give him the time at all. Deflated, he rolls away to hide his bounce and his tears. But then Ball meets the unlikeliest of new best friends and gets a birds-eye view of what being different really means. The adventure Ball takes and the things he learns could change his life forever. Find out Why Ball Wouldn’t Bounce and whether he decides to hide his uniqueness or bounce his own bounce proudly.

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Why Ball Wouldn’t Bounce by Ron Roecker is a cute picture book that will eventually be part of a series called Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other. All of the stories will be based on familiar idioms and adages, just like this one is written about “That’s how the ball bounces.” The story itself is a well-rhymed poem that is easy and fun to read, and the pop art type illustrations add some humor to its message. 

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