The Whole World Full of Stars
The Whole Sky Full of Stars
The Whole World Full of Stars
Rene Saldana Jr.
Barry can punch anyone hard enough to make them see a whole sky full of stars, though that's not really his style. Barry and Alby have been friends since the first grade. They've always protected one another.When Barry's pop dies, times are tough and the only thing Barry has of value is his dad's 1964 Ford Galaxie. Meanwhile Alby's got himself into big trouble with a cardshark. So he hatches a plan to make money. To help out Barry, but also to help himself. The problem is, Barry could get hurt, and it just might cost Alby their friendship. How much can you ask of a friend?

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  • Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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The Whole Sky full of Stars is about two best friends that as seniors are going through adult issues that they have to face alone. One of the friends, a boy named Alby, owes a violent gang a lot of money. The other is trying to support his mother through hard times. Then Alby gets an idea. Enter a boxing competition! This book is about feeling sorrow, anger, happiness and mostly trust.

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